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Clemson Wire Crystal Ball: Klubnik & Shipley named Heisman Finalist

Sep 01, 2023

Last time we used the crystal ball, a big win against Duke in the season opener was the outcome.

The crystal ball has created a new scenario: a Heisman backfield.

Hiring Garrett Riley could be Dabo Swinney’s could possibly be his best coaching hire. With Riley’s offense, the two that will benefit the most are in the backfield.

Cade Klubnik and Will Shipley will likely combine for 70% of the offensive production.

Both players have reasonable odds, with Klubnik being one of the frontrunners. Clemson’s starting quarterback, Cade Klubnik, has a chance to be one of the frontrunners with odds of +1400. His teammate, Will Shipley, also has respectable odds at +8000.

You can argue that Klubnik and Shipley make up the best backfield in the country. Riley’s offense allows both players to accumulate a lot of yards and touchdowns. Both players will combine for 6,000 yards and 35+ touchdowns, giving Clemson two players invited to New York.

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