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Magic Mixies Magical Misting Crystal Ball review: A truly magical toy

Jul 09, 2023

There’s something about magic wands and spells that have a universal appeal defying age. So when Magic Mixies Magical Misting Crystal Ball landed on our doorstep, it was no surprise that both my 13-year-old and 5-year-old were enthralled by what was hiding beneath the enchanted crystal ball that beckoned their swish and flick.

With an $84.99 MSRP and a frequent sale price around $60, I thought the toy was moderately priced but the real value of anything of course, is how well it sustains the twinkle in a kiddo’s eye.

From the get-go, Magic Mixie definitely has the “wow” appeal, partly because mystery toys and blind bags are so in right now, and this appeared to be the ultimate surprise since it's up to the kids to summon the pet stuffy from its slumber.

Well, it’s actually not smoke, it’s mist, but isn’t it more exciting to think of a toy emerging from smoke? Once the Magic Mixie is turned on, the idea is to wave the wand in various ways (follow the step-by-step instructions) until the stuffy toy rises into the crystal ball that’s filled with mist.

I’m not sure it actually matters if you follow the instructions and wave the wand just so, but to kids, the precision of course, is everything. What the makers got right here is certainly building the anticipation of the big reveal.

As a mom, I had to think, is this going to be it? Would there be any excitement or staying power beyond the initial spells?

After the pink fuzzy creature meets its new owners, there are different interactive functions to play with, some require the wand and others require just pressing different parts of the talking stuffy. The pet doesn’t speak audible words, it’s more like “mmhmm” than “yes,” along with other foolish sounds, which adds to the comedy of it all.

My kids' favorite component was the fortune-telling feature, where you press Magic Mixie’s belly and ask it a “yes” or “no” question (though “I don’t know” is also an answer). My son and daughter handed the toy back and forth with competing silly questions. They laughed at each other and laughed at the pet’s response.

You can actually put any toy (that will fit) into the base of the crystal ball and use the wand to make that toy rise as well, which my kids thought was pretty neat. You will eventually need to order more of the mist if this is a feature your kids enjoy.

One of the features I missed initially was the fact that the crystal ball can be used as a nightlight of sorts. This can be utilized either in “misting” mode (if you have enough mist left) or “lighting” mode, which creates a calming glow.

You’re definitely paying for the experience here rather than the toy itself. After testing Magic Mixies, I would say $60 to $85 is a bit expensive for the actual toy, but again, two very different age groups had a ball asking silly questions and feeling kind of Harry Potter-esque in the process.

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