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The Genesis GV60’s Crystal Sphere Shows That Shifters Can Be Fun

Sep 23, 2023

The Crystal Sphere shifter of the Genesis GV60 doubles as an ambient lighting area

The Genesis GV60 isn’t just the first ground-up EV from the South Korean automaker but it also brings with it a host of innovative technologies and intriguing pieces of design. This is no more evident than with the Crystal Sphere gear selector.

The Crystal Sphere was first featured on the Genesis X concept car and is positioned in the floating center console. When the vehicle is turned off, all you can see is a floating orb with complex ambient lighting.

The moment the start button is pushed, however, the Crystal Sphere rotates 180 degrees to reveal a metal Shift By Wire controller. This controller provides haptic feedback when a gear has been engaged and also delivers a subtle vibration when requesting a direction change, such as when shifting from drive to reverse.

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Genesis says the Crystal Sphere is also an important feature to alert the driver if the car is turned on or off.

“As the GV60 is an electric vehicle, it is naturally extremely quiet, making it a challenge to alert the driver that the car is ready to drive,” Genesis chief creative officer Luc Donckerwolke recently explained. “Our engineering and design teams collaborated closely to create this unique and captivating way for the driver to engage with the vehicle through the Crystal Sphere, which comes to life by revealing the shift dial after a click of the start button.”

The inside of the Crystal Sphere is laser engraved with a unique interpretation of the Genesis G-Matrix design signature. Genesis adds that the gear selector was thoroughly evaluated through testing in high and low-temperature environments, as were all of its key components, including the motor output and specifications of the wiring.

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