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How to Complete Carved in Stone in Final Fantasy XVI (FF16 Side Quest Guide)

Mar 12, 2024

The Carved in Stone side quest tasks Final Fantasy 16 players with learning more about the history of the Tabor settlement, then has them take a quiz.

Most of the side quests in Final Fantasy 16 are fairly straightforward, but there are a handful that actually require players to actually use their brains. In the case of the "Carved in Stone" side quest, they'll need to memorize the inscriptions on three stone tablets and then answer a series of questions about them. Naturally, most players won't be expecting a pop quiz and so will likely be left wondering what was written on the stones.

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The good news is that aside from the quiz part, completing "Carved in Stone" is actually pretty easy, as players will simply need to walk around the upper levels of Tabor and examine the three aforementioned stones. This bodes well, as the reward for finishing the quest is fairly lackluster, especially for Final Fantasy 16 players who already have hundreds of thousands of Gil burning holes in their pockets.

The "Carved in Stone" side quest first becomes available during the "Cloak and Dagger" main story mission after players have arrived in Tabor. It can be triggered by speaking with an Antiquarian named Milos, who can be found on the upper level of the settlement. He'll ask Clive to read the inscriptions on three stone tablets, all of which can be found in the surrounding area.

Thankfully, the stones are fairly easy to spot, as each one is directly beneath an ornate stone gazebo. Players should make their way around the upper level checking each stone as they pass it, then head back to Milos to turn in the quest. Before they can claim their reward though, players will need to complete a simple quiz on the information they just learned. Of course, it's only simple for those who were paying attention.

In order to complete the quiz at the end of the "Carved in Stone" side quest, players will need to choose the following answers:

Q: What was written on the stone to the south?

A: "Guardians of the crystal..." (top answer)

Q: What was written on the stone to the north?

A: "Wanderers of the golden plains..." (middle answer)

Q: What was written on the stone to the east?

A: "Children of the hunters, now tillers..." (middle answer)

After answering all three of Milos' questions, the "Carved in Stone" side quest will be marked as complete, and players will receive 460 XP, 1,000 Gil, 20 Renown, and a Goblin Coin as their reward. Of course, Vivian and Harpocrates would probably argue that the real prize was the free history lesson, but that will likely come as little consolation for most players.

Final Fantasy 16 is available now exclusively for the PlayStation 5.

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Final Fantasy 16Q: What was written on the stone to the south?A: "Guardians of the crystal..."Q: What was written on the stone to the north?A: "Wanderers of the golden plains..."Q: What was written on the stone to the east?A: "Children of the hunters, now tillers..."460 XP,1,000 Gil20 RenownGoblin CoinFinal Fantasy 16