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Woman who found comfort in collecting crystals 'excited' to open new shop

Jun 21, 2023

A Felixstowe woman who was bullied at school and found comfort in collecting crystals is 'incredibly excited' to be moving her crystal emporium to a new site.

Laura O'Reilly, 30, has owned Wands Crystal Emporium for three years and previously operated from a site in the Underwood Hardware garden centre.

Laura O'Reilly has opened Wands Crystal Emporium on Hamilton Road. (Image: Laura O'Reilly)

Now, she has decided to take the plunge and open a new store on Hamilton Road.

"It's a scary thought, but I've got to take the risk," said Miss O'Reilly.

"The new site is such a good spot and I'm hoping that I'll be more visible to people walking past popping their heads in."

Laura O'Reilly, 30, first started collecting crystals in primary school. (Image: Laura O'Reilly)

Miss O'Reilly's love for crystals started in primary school, as a result of finding comfort in building her collection while being badly bullied.

"It helped me find hope in the world at one of my worst times," she said.

"As I moved more into spirituality, I realised I wanted to help other people in the way that it's helped me."

The shop sells a variety of crystals alongside other gifts such as tarot cards and salt lamps. (Image: Laura O'Reilly)

She first started her business as she was made redundant after having her son.

Four-year-old Sebby is a huge fan of the new Felixstowe shop's aesthetic, with tree branches and colour-changing lights contributing to its unique look.

"I had a moment the other day after dropping Sebby at school where I was walking back to the shop," said Miss O'Reilly.

"I saw the sign and just thought 'Oh my God, I can't believe this is my shop'."

Wands Crystal Emporium has opened on Hamilton Road in Felixstowe. (Image: Laura O'Reilly)

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For anyone feeling apprehensive about entering the world of crystals, Miss O'Reilly's main advice, with qualifications in Reiki and crystal healing, is to take a look around and see what jumps out at you.

"Whatever you feel speaks to you will be the crystal for you," she added.