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Biggest USWNT stars at the 2023 World Cup? The players' kids

Dec 10, 2023

For as popular as the USWNT is, there might be a subset of the team that’s even more popular: the children of the USWNT.

The 2023 World Cup roster has three moms, the most the USWNT has ever taken to a major event. And while Alex Morgan, Julie Ertz and Crystal Dunn have been incredibly successful on the pitch – combine all their accolades and they’ve got six World Cup titles, six Olympic medals and four U.S. Soccer player of the year awards – their kids sometimes get more attention and generate more headlines.

Given how cute they are, it’s understandable. They’re used to the spotlight, too: Each of them makes frequent appearances on the NWSL social media feeds, and are often seen toddling around the field after league games.

Another note about these kids: Their moms are pretty dedicated — at home and on the pitch, where they all returned to practice less than five months after having their children.

This month marks the World Cup debut for all three kids. Charlie, Morgan’s 3-year-old daughter, is thrilled that she finally has more kids to play with, and has proudly taken on the role of unofficial big sister.

“She loves just helping feed them and giving them the ball,” Morgan said. “They’re crawling around, barely walking, and she thinks it’s so fun. The last time her and Marcel were together, they went into a box and were having us pull them around. And I was saying, ‘Marcel has to go to bed now’ and she gave him the biggest hug. I think she half suffocated him.”

Dunn’s reaction to the news that Charlie is frequently squishing her toddler with love: “He’s pretty durable now, so it’s all good.”

Each of the moms has talked about how grateful they are that their children will be showered with love and attention from what Dunn calls “a hundred aunties.”

“When my son grows up, my hope as a mom is just that he grows into a well-respected man,” Dunn said. “He’s always around women and I think that’s incredible, because he’s going to have such an appreciation for who we are as human beings and the fight that women have had. For him to have a front row seat to progress (of the) women’s game, I think that is really cool.”

In terms of who the best athlete is, it’s probably too soon to tell. But the odds of all of them succeeding on their playing field of choice is high given their DNA.

Madden Ertz, the newest baby of the bunch, is the only one with two parents who are currently professional athletes, with mom Julie playing for the USWNT and dad Zach playing tight end for the Arizona Cardinals.

But don’t count out Charlie (dad Servando Carrasco played MLS for a decade) or Marcel (dad Pierre played college soccer at Quinnipiac.)

The USWNT meets Portugal at 3 a.m. ET Tuesday in what is slated to be their most important match of group play. In case the broadcast mentions the three cutest and littlest USWNT fans at Eden Park, here's a little bit more about each of the USWNT kids:

Mom: Alex Morgan, forward

Age: 3 years

Fun fact: Charlie's favorite animal is a kiwi, the national bird of New Zealand

Favorite USWNT player: Emily Fox, defender

Not even Morgan is sure why Charlie has bonded with Fox – who everyone calls “Foxy” – but “it started a couple of camps ago and now every day she asks for Foxy,” Morgan said. “And it’s like, I’m in San Diego (with my NWSL) team and I’m (telling her), ‘She doesn’t play for this team, but we’ll see her soon, you’ll get to hang out with Foxy soon.’ Now on the bus rides home from games, she’s always like, ‘I wanna be with Foxy.’”

Charlie’s preference is well known throughout the team. In a series of pre-tournament videos U.S. Soccer posted on social media, players paired off and played “Truly Teammates,” a spin on “The Newlywed Game,” to gauge how well they knew each other. Each answered this question from Charlie: “Do you like Foxy as much as I do?”

Fox has her own theory for why she’s Charlie’s favorite: She thinks Charlie stuffed animal fox has something to do with it.

“Maybe I’m like a Barbie coming to life for her,” Fox said.

Mom: Crystal Dunn, defender

Age: 14 months

Fun fact: Dunn and her husband, Pierre Soubrier, a French citizen, are raising Marcel to be bilingual.

Favorite USWNT player: Sophia Smith, forward

Smith has a little bit of an edge here, because she plays with Dunn on the Portland Thorns, which means she sees Marcel more than most. Still, Dunn said Marcel is “obsessed” with Smith, though fellow USWNT forward Lynn Williams is trying to position herself to take over the No. 1 spot.

“I think he loves anyone who can give him snacks,” Dunn mused. “He’s one of those babies where he’s like, ‘I know you’re an adult, so what can you do for me?’”

Mom: Julie Ertz, midfielder

Age: 11 months

Fun fact: If the USWNT makes it to the World Cup semifinals, Madden will likely celebrate his first birthday in New Zealand, where the Americans' base camp is. But because he was born on Aug. 11, to celebrate on the right day, his party would have to be Aug. 12 in New Zealand.

Favorite USWNT player: TBD. This is Madden’s first major trip with his mom and her teammates, so we’ll know more at the end of the tournament.

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