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Georgia Crystal Ball: Predicting every game for 2023

Aug 26, 2023

Editor’s note: Saturday Down South’s annual Crystal Ball series continues today with Georgia. We’ll stay with the SEC East all week. Last week, we predicted every game for every SEC West team.

Previously: Alabama | Arkansas | Auburn | LSU | Mississippi State | Ole Miss | Texas A&M | Florida

* * * * * * *

It’s one of the best feats in college football history.

It’s one thing to end a 4-decade long national championship drought and lose a record-setting 15 players to the NFL Draft. It’s an entirely different ballgame to then come back, go 15-0 and win the title game 65-7.

I don’t care what happens in 2023 and beyond. Kirby Smart is forever a legend for that.

But, as I would also point out, it’s one thing to repeat. It’s an entirely different ballgame tobecome the first team in 87 years to 3-peat. That’s what’s on the table for Georgia.

So can the Dawgs put themselves in position to get that done? Let’s look into the 2023 Crystal Ball:

After Todd Monken’s offense sparked a historic 2-year run, the Georgia OC went back to the NFL. Smart elected for the in-house promotion of analyst/former Georgia OC/college buddy Mike Bobo. It was met with mixed reactions.

The pro-Bobo crowd pointed out that he’s the same guy who led that historic 2014 Georgia offense, and that he’ll have more talent to work with than any point in his career. The anti-Bobo crowd pointed out that was 9 years ago and since then, he didn’t exactly set the world on fire in his past 3 on-field roles.

This hire will come down to how well Bobo adapts. The expectation is that he’ll take the spread, tempo concepts that Monken masterfully incorporated and that this won’t be some schematic shift. Can Bobo stick with that? Or will he be the Achilles’ heel for a team that hasn’t had one of those the past 2 seasons?

Time will tell.

“Legitimate Heisman Trophy candidate.”

One can have Bobo skepticism while also believing that Beck is about to torch defenses. If you don’t believe that, go look at Bill O’Brien’s approval rating during Bryce Young’s Heisman Trophy season in 2021. Beck has all the makings of a breakout candidate in 2023.

He spent 3 years learning the system and all signs indicate that he’s mastered it. Spring games should be taken with a grain of salt, as should mop-up duty and practice reports. But collectively, Beck received high marks in all areas. Add to it that he returns the best group of pass-catchers in Georgia history and yes, he should be cleared for takeoff.

Brock Bowers has a chance to establish himself as the best tight end in college football history, Ladd McConkey is quietly one of the most proven returning SEC receivers while Dominic Lovett was one of the conference’s best at Mizzou despite an underwhelming passing game. Throw in the mix the likes of Mississippi State transfer RaRa Thomas and the ever-intriguing speedster Arian Smith along with emerging tight ends Oscar Delp and Lawson Luckie, and yes, it’s fair to say this group is deep.

Beck has an embarrassment of riches to work with. Don’t be surprised when that group helps pave his way to New York.

Since the tragedy that took the lives of 2 members of the Georgia program the night following the team’s championship parade, there have been 14 incidents in which a UGA player has been charged with speeding or racing/reckless driving.

That’s not nothing. It’s the type of thing that has some questioning the discipline of Smart’s team as it begins its pursuit of a 3-peat. It’s also the type of thing that’ll resurface if Georgia falters in any way. Is that fair? That’s debatable, but when you’ve earned the spotlight that the Dawgs have, it’s reality.

It doesn’t help that with the Oklahoma series cancelation, Georgia’s path to 12-0 has never been more favorable. It could be a double-digit favorite 11 times, or even 12 if Tennessee can’t repeat its 2022 season. Any sort of letdown game — even if it doesn’t keep UGA out of the Playoff — will be considered a sign that Georgia isn’t locked in.

That can happen in wins, too. In 2022, UGA’s focus was questioned for slow starts against the likes of Kent State, Mizzou and Kentucky. It’s possible that 2023 yields a few of those moments, as well.

Just know that if that loss does indeed come in the regular season, it’ll be, well, open season on the Dawgs’ eventful offseason.

How much Brock Vandagriff is too much Brock Vandagriff? Asking for me. Something tells me he gets ample throwing opportunities in a game that’s over before kickoff.

The future Joe Moore Award-winning Georgia offensive line plows a path for 5 rushing touchdowns en route to another laugher.

Finally, Georgia faces a team that deserves to be on the same field. Well, at least that’s the consensus for the first half. South Carolina surprises Georgia by going vertical out of the gate. With the UGA front unable to get home, Spencer Rattler has a pair of first-half touchdown passes to Juice Wells and Xavier Legette. But South Carolina’s run defense leaves something to be desired all game. A healthy Kendall Milton prevents the Gamecocks from staying within arm’s reach in the second half. UGA rolls to a 42-21 victory in the SEC opener.

It’ll be a reunion game of sorts for new UAB coach Trent Dilfer. He’ll get to see a couple of his former Elite 11 guys on Georgia’s sideline. Both will lead scoring drives in a lopsided victory.

This is where reality sinks in that Auburn just doesn’t have the dudes up front to compete for a conference title. Not yet. Even in the hostile road environment, Georgia’s loaded offensive line bullies Auburn up front. Just like he did 2 years ago on a long play-action pass from Stetson Bennett IV, Ladd McConkey hauls in another long touchdown from Beck to put the exclamation point on Georgia’s 7th consecutive victory in the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry.

Two things will be fascinating to watch in this matchup, which could tell the story: How much does Georgia’s defensive line regress and how much does Kentucky’s offensive line progress? Kentucky’s revamped offense the past 2 years scored just 19 combined points against the Dawgs, 6 of which came on a garbage time touchdown pass in the final seconds of the 2021 game. Can NC State transfer QB Devin Leary turn that around? Maybe, but the odds of doing so in a winning effort in Athens aren’t great. A pair of interceptions prove costly in a 3-score Georgia victory.

Want a bold prediction? This will be the closest game these teams have played in the 2020s. Also of note, the lone games they played in the 2020s were 62-0 and 55-0. OK, so not so bold. A 3-interception day for Vandy QB AJ Swann keeps the Vandy offense stuck in neutral in a game that’s over by the middle of the second quarter.

“Overwhelmed” will be the mood of the Florida offense by day’s end. Graham Mertz can’t handle the variety of ways Kirby Smart’s defense disguises pressure. Jamon Dumas-Johnson and Mykel Williams take turns blowing up plays in the backfield. After Florida scores on its first drive on a 60-yard Trevor Etienne play, Georgia closes with 35 consecutive points. The long awaited Thomas breakout game comes, as does yet another absurd Bowers touchdown. Beck’s Heisman Trophy campaign picks up some more momentum in a dominant showing in Jacksonville.

After last year’s scare in Columbia, no, I don’t think Smart’s squad will get off to a slow start even after the Florida win. More likely is that his defense comes out with its hair on fire and force 3 turnovers in the first half. Malaki Starks and Dan Jackson pick off passes to set up short fields. Against his former team, Lovett gets into the end zone to put the exclamation point on a revenge game of sorts (if you can call it that) for the Dawgs.

Want another bold prediction? Ole Miss goes into Athens plays 3 of its best quarters of football all year. It goes into the 4th quarter holding on in a tie game after Jaxson Dart stretches the field and takes chances against the UGA secondary. Fans wonder if Georgia is looking ahead to Tennessee the following week, but in reality, an experienced Ole Miss offense is embarrassed after a pair of home losses, and it puts up 3 touchdowns against Smart’s defense. But just like his predecessor, Beck saves his best for last. Two 4th-quarter touchdown passes and a Dart interception wipe away Ole Miss’ upset bid.

Last year, I told anyone that would listen that Tennessee was gonna go into Athens and win that football game. Foot, meet mouth. Maybe I was a year early on that, but I can’t double down. A back-and-forth first half has Neyland buzzing with the Vols showing offensive life earlier than last year’s loss in Athens. But unlike last year when Georgia was content to grind it out amidst rainy conditions, Smart leaves no doubt. Beck picks apart the Tennessee secondary to continue his stellar season, and Jackson makes a ball-separating hit that leads to a pivotal turnover late. Josh Heupel still can’t get over the Georgia hump.

I don’t know that we can call this a “sleeper” game considering Georgia has 5 consecutive victories by at least 23 points, but do we remember last year that Georgia Tech had the ball and trailed just 13-7 in the middle of the third quarter? Smart won’t sleep on Brent Key’s squad. Bowers gets peppered with targets early, which allows McConkey to get loose on the outside. Instead of a hangover from an emotional Tennessee win, Georgia looks like a team hitting its stride at the perfect time.

If you’re Georgia, this is the expectation. Plain and simple. Anything less than 12-0 and we’ll get the “Georgia hasn’t beaten anyone” Playoff arguments, which will be silly considering there’s no way that a 1-loss SEC champ would get left out of the field. Even a 2-loss SEC champ would have a likely Playoff path.

The questions that Georgia has to answer might still be murky heading into the postseason. Can they find that game-wrecker up front? Will Beck be clutch down the stretch against quality competition? And can Bobo channel Monken’s offensive wizardry?

We might not truly know the answers to those questions until the SEC Championship. This projection is similar to 2018 Alabama, which won each pre-SEC Championship game by at least 3 touchdowns. Maybe there’s a competitive 4th quarter sprinkled in there like what I suggested for Ole Miss, but for the most part, this will feel like the season doesn’t really start until that first week of December.

Starting 12-0 in 3 consecutive seasons is nothing to scoff at. Even Nick Saban only had consecutive 12-0 starts once at Alabama, and that happened in 2008-09. Smart insists that the subject of “3-peating” shouldn’t be on the minds of Georgia players, the vast majority of whom weren’t key contributors when this streak began. But that noise will be everywhere, win or lose. Smart’s squad earned that right.

We’ll see if they can earn the right to defend their title once again.

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SC is not surprising anyone by going vertical. Their receivers are very good. Without a SEC caliber RB they are going to go vertical all year. I’m sure Kirby expects it.

Nice favorable SEC West slate. Let’s face it, this is a very easy schedule for an SEC Team.

Toughest game appears to be at Tennessee which they will be slightly favored to win.

SCAR and KY could be upset potential, but those games are in Athens.

Slightly favored? FPI says no. Massey composite says no. What you looking at?

Huntland, in his dream, looking at a scoreboard that reads…

35 Georgia45 Tennessee…

there’s my reply to you!

No mention of their superstar Javon Bullard…

wonder why?

Why are you responding to me?

I didn’t…

my reply sits here because I replied to Huntland


Can Beck play as good as O’Gara’s fairy tale fantasy about him reads?

36 completions and O’Gara wants us to believe Beck is the best thing to happen for humanity since slice bread.

Connor might be the worst writer in the history of sports writers and that is an amazing accomplishment

You obviously don’t read much.

Obviously you don’t either

Good one.

Braves, while I agree with your statement that Connor is bad at writing, just curious though why you pick this article to state the obvious.

Are you hurt he doesn’t pick your vols to win in week 12? It will be an interesting game and I’ll even go out on a limb and say it should be close, but I’m picking the Dawgs by 10 in your house.

“Connor might be the worst writer in the history of sports writers”

Oh I’ll raise you one Jamelle Hill. Every single article she’s ever written is about how ra cist white people are etc.

Never have read a line of print she has written…

but there is no doubt you are being truthful, Ron!

She’s a very bitter, angry person no doubt.

If you haven’t read anything she’s written how can you even have an opinion. Try thinking for yourself you absolute lemming. Btw I’m not saying she’s a great writer or anything like that. Just that you’re quick to hope on the hate wagon. Je$u$ wouldn’t approve.

She has made her race-baiting behavior known to anyone who wants to listen to her speak, which I have; it doesn’t take long for her twaddle to flow to her race-baiting beliefs, no matter what the subject is…

that is how I knew RonMexico1 was speaking truth in his post, even though I wouldn’t waste my time reading her twaddle, because I know her race-baiting ways would be the main subject long before her written article came to the end.

Speaking of quick to hope [sic] on the hate wagon, you ain’t slow either, Willybob!

Oh look, the race hustler willy boob is back!


willyboob is SDS resident race baiting retard. Best to make fun of her, laugh and keep making fun of her.

It would be interesting to see where she resides on the World’s Wealthiest Race-baiter’s List…

because one of the reasons she is a race-baiter is because it has been a very lucrative endeavor for her.

Being a race-baiter makes her money. Until making money for being a race-baiter stops, she won’t be doing anything different than what she presently does. She race-baits!

Love how anyone who doesn’t heap praise on the Vols is a terrible writer. Maybe they win that game but at this point that is a heart pick, not a head pick.

Connor looks like Joseph Pulitzer compared to Keith Farner

Not a lot of drama for UGA. Another ho-hum 12-0 season en route to yet another natty. Kirby’s built it the right way.

The expectation for UGA has to be an undefeated season. There are a couple of upset possibilities on the schedule, but UGA will be the much more talented team every time they take the field. Letdowns are very real in sports, so Kirby will have his work cut out for him to keep the team focused and motivated.

what an easy schedule

When UT is maybe, possibly, could-be the best team on the schedule then I can see where you are coming from.

But all this talk of “easy” is relative

For UGA which last season crushed UF, crushed UT, crushed Oregon, crushed LSU in the SECCG, beat a really good OSU team in the CFP and then delivered the worse beat down in the history of the National – yes this is a easy regular season schedule

For a team like UT that got biitch-slapped, boat-raced, curb-stomped, dirt-stomped, beat-down, trucked, shellacked, routed 63-38 by USCar – this is would be a tough schedule


How quickly you forget that LSU crushed your team by at least 20 points in 2019, 2018, 2011, I could keep going…

How on God’s green and blue earth is that relevant.

How is last years USC game relevant

Because it was last year……not 4 seasons ago….

Remember that 2005 SEC Championship when UGA crushed LSU and knocked Jamar Russel cuckoo?

Is the 50 points UGA hung on LSU last season the SECCG record?

anywho – just win the SECW so UGA and LSU can play the game again, I always like it when UGA plays LSU. When we do lose to LSU it’s not that bad since I always pull for LSU anytime they are not playing UGA

“Is the 50 points UGA hung on LSU last season the SECCG record?”

Is not even close. Alabama and Auburn have scored more points twice each.

“Is the 50 points UGA hung on LSU last season the SECCG record?”

AU holds the record for most points scored in the SEC Championship game.

This would not be a tough schedule even for Kentucky. The Carolina game was an anomaly, something that happens in CFB all the time. Example: Georgia getting destroyed by Auburn in 2017 before whipping their @ss in the SECCG. Those loser chickens are getting their @ss handed to them on a silver platter in Knoxville this year

I don’t think “anomaly” means what you think it means.

It certainly does not mean “happens all the time”.

“what an easy schedule” It is without the Oklahoma game and you’re part of that “easy schedule.”

Admit it, that just blew your mind didn’t it?

Agreed. The Vols are probably the hardest team on it and they aren’t very good. I mean Kent State got more points in Athens. Weak

“This hire will come down to how well Bobo adapts. ”

And that’s the issue I have with UGA not going undefeated again. Add in a new QB and there are bound to be hiccups.

Bobo is not Todd Monken. Bennett was the best QB I’ve seen since Burrow. Beck has yet to be tested.

Really? I love Bennett as a college QB, but he’s the best QB since Burrow? Wild statement.

” but he’s the best QB since Burrow?”

Have you not looked at his stats? Dude literally made almost zero mistakes. Marched his team downfield like it was nothing. Poised, never cracked under pressure, made incredibly accurate throws.

Not a wild statement.

I’m going to add the caveat that I didn’t check the fumbles lost because I couldn’t find it…. but Stetson made plenty of mistakes lol one of his longest touchdowns of the year was a mistake that Brock hauled in. He made 2 mistakes in the SECCG off the top of my head and one ended up as a touchdown.

But just if we’re talking stats (again caveat fumbles lost isn’t included but rushing TDs are)

52 TDs vs 5 Ints 64.5 %37 TDs vs 7 Ints 64.5 %

It is absolutely a wild statement if we’re looking at stats.

I’d be willing to concede impact because it’s subjective and hard to argue with a QB leading his team to back to back natties.

Well, when you’re around in college sports as long as the creation of CFP you’re bound to do well lol. Doesn’t change his stats and his on the field performance but he stayed in UGA’s system for 5+ years. Little to none QB’s do that.

“but Stetson made plenty of mistakes lol one of his longest touchdowns of the year was a mistake that Brock hauled in. ”

That’s a good mistake.

“He made 2 mistakes in the SECCG off the top of my head and one ended up as a touchdown.”

Two is a small number.

“52 TDs vs 5 Ints 64.5 %37 TDs vs 7 Ints 64.5 %”

Most teams would love that.

No it was not a good mistake. It was serendipity, sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good. Which I amabsolutely not arguing against.

Two is a small number in a season, not on a drive, which is where the 2 I remember occurred.

Yeah most teams would love that….doesn’t make the qb the BEST based on stats. In a blind test, most people would pick the 52 touchdown guy. Which was not Stetson

” It was serendipity, sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good. ‘

I’m old enough to remember when Nick Marshall threw and under thrown pass that was bobbled by a UGA defender which ended up winning AU the game. Should I chastise Marshall for that? No, because it was a good thing.

“Yeah most teams would love that….doesn’t make the qb the BEST based on stats. ”

I didnt’ say anything about that stat making him the best. You seem to think I only see numbers (or lack of) when stating he was the best QB I’ve seen since Burrow.

It’s odd that I (an AU guy) am debating in favor of a UGA QB, and you (a UGA guy) is arguing against the UGA QB.

Old enough? I was in undergrad when that play happened…It wasn’t so long ago. You may not chastise him, but any coach worth their salt would. You make a habit out of making mistakes then you’re going to run into someone not named JHC or Tray Matthews (which ironic he ended up at Auburn ) who knows that on 4th and whatever you bat the ball down. (I’m a former safety so….my anger lives on)

Ron, read back up. Your rebuttal was literally “Have you not looked at his stats? ” Which is why I brought his stats up in the first place.

And it might be odd, but it also means we’re not as bias as some may think we are. (and full disclosure, my PhD program was at Auburn which actually only made me hate auburn even more football wise lol )

Stats don’t measure the intangible traits such as heart.

“Your rebuttal was literally “Have you not looked at his stats? ” Which is why I brought his stats up in the first place.”

Stats: Undefeated. Two years in a row.

4128 passing 7 ints in 2022.

Now, please tell me how I’m wrong again.

“Stats: Undefeated. Two years in a row.”

* undefeated one year. 2 x national champion.

Wins are about as useless as a stat for a qb as they are for pitchers in baseball.

Offense can put 41 points and still lose. Offense can put up 3 points and win. Wins are a team statistic. I don’t blame CJ Stroud for that loss against Georgia that’s not indicative of who the better qb was that day. The nearly 400 passing yards and multiple touchdowns in the air on the ground were indicators (all better stats than Stroud that day)

4537 yards 42 Passing TDs 5 int in 2022

I never said you were wrong on your opinion. Because at least in this case, this is subjective. If you think he it is you think he is, doesn’t matter. I just think it’s a wild statement. My contention is that you appealed to stats, and it’s not holding up to me at all. But again I have already conceded that it’s hard to argue against back to back natties if we’re moving away from just stats and focusing on the entire body of work. I still don’t agree, but the rationale makes perfect sense to me with that perspective.

“Wins are about as useless as a stat for a qb as they are for pitchers in baseball.”

Stats mean a lot for a QB. Ints, passing yards, completions etc.

I’m really not understanding your argument that Bennett is not a fantastic QB.

I’d wager that Bennett will have a successful career in the NFL. He’s in the right place, with the right coach, sitting behind a Super Bowl winning QB.

Going with Ron here. Bennett was dang good. Certainly better than a 4th round pick. He will be starting for the Rams before you know it.


“Going with Ron here. Bennett was dang good. Certainly better than a 4th round pick. He will be starting for the Rams before you know it.”

Thanks Bill. I don’t know what else to say about the guy. I’ve laid out numbers, arguments. I think he’s a fantastic QB and I’d love to have him on my NFL team.

I’m in agreement with Ron also!

You are saying he is the best qb in the last 3 years. That means he is better than Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields, CJ Stroud, Bryce Young, Caleb Williams, and Drake May etc. He was a very good college qb on an incredibly talented team but I wouldn’t say he was the best qb in the last three years. Put anyone of the above players on those Georgia teams and they would have been just as good or better than Bennet.

1. bobo has been monken’s understudy for the last year. he knows all of the plays, and is one of the best QB developers in UGAs history.

2. Beck isn’t a new QB. he’s been playing with the team for three years and has played in multiple games, including the national championship.

“bobo has been monken’s understudy for the last year. ”

If Bobo is so great why didn’t Kirby hire him before Monken?

“has played in multiple games, including the national championship.”

Not as a starter. He came in the championship game against a demoralized TCU team.

>Why didn’t kirby hire him before Monken?

Monken had the job before Mike Bobo was on staff.

>Not as a starter

So you openly admit that he’s not a new QB?

You really are dumb lol

When Georgia has struggled it is because their defense hasn’t played as well as they are expected to play…

there are other games where it was close late, but their only loss lately was to Alabama and in that game their defense didn’t touch the Alabama QB.

We know why Kirby’s defense didn’t touch Alabama’s QB

Kirby had a CFP mulligan, Saban didn’t!

It would be savory to see Georgia go 12-0…

then re-match-up with an 11-1 Alabama team in the 2023 SEC CG…

because we would get to see if the respectful Dr Kirby Hyde would once again obey the SEC and once again kiss Saban’s ring…

or would we get to see the marquee event that should have happened in the 2021 SEC CG take place in 2023.

It would also be savory if an 11-1 Georgia team met LSU in the SEC CG again this year…

because I believe Kelly is one of the few SEC coaches who could turn a one-loss Georgia team into a two-loss Georgia team that would force Kirby to go home after the 2023 SEC CG…

but that isn’t a given either, because an 11-2 Georgia team, that has lost a hard-fought SEC CG, could very well garner one of the four invitations the College Football Selection Committee issues…

because we have to remember, the CFP, since 2014, has determined who will play for the National Title by sending the teams they want to win the National Title an “invatation” and an 11-2 Georgia team would probably get an “invitation” to the 2023 CFP for their chance to get a 3Peat…

oh it’s going to be a great SEC season… but there is more great news!

Sankey has been thinking out loud lately and this is what he’s thinking…

“let’s whoa the horses, we need to consider things a bit more closely before we ok a 12-team play-off, because what we have, works pretty d a m n good!”

Sankey will deserve a standing ovation if he forces College Football to honor the current CFP contract, but for now, a golf clap is all he gets.

Sankey gets a golf clap because he isn’t stupid!

“This is where reality sinks in that Auburn just doesn’t have the dudes up front to compete for a conference title. Not yet. ”

I agree with that but I’d also add that this is not last year’s AU team and they will put up a big fight in Jordan Hare.

My biggest fear is an underrated AU team with nothing to lose. Underestimate them border tigers at your own risk.

Nothing to lose? AU is pretty hyped right now under a new coaching staff. Lots to play for.

Everyone is pretty hyped in August.

“Everyone is pretty hyped in August.”

Ask a UF fan how hyped up they are about August…

Florida, Auburn, Vandy, Arkansas, blah, blah blah.

Same difference.

“Florida, Auburn, Vandy, Arkansas, blah, blah blah.”

No, not really.

Carson Beck earns his new nickname, Carson Dreck. Blobo, a broken and defeated shell of what he used to be, takes a dump in his pants. Kirby looks like a cheerleader on crack as he does his crazed jumpy jumps on the sidelines while Mertz and The Future of College Football slam UGA and restore the natural order.

Also, did Kirby dye his hair blonde? It looked that way on Finebaum and would be a sign he is cracking under pressure.

“takes a dump in his pants.”

Now that would be great tv right there.

McSharkHumper – whined publicly about getting “death threats” when he knew he was going to get fired, talking about his players looking like dead fish, publicly denying that he had ever humped a shark

Mullet – a closeted clown act

The Ole Bourbon Coach – the real manifestation of Otis from the Andy Griffith show, the W.C. Fields of college football coaches

And some puussyboy turd is going to try and criticize Kirby Smart, now that’s rich

Truth, absolutely hilarious!

There’s a reason he’s referred to as the Oracle of Truth!

Mr Truth, based on this post, it’s clear that a 12 year old has stolen your identity

Please wake up. You are having a bizarre dream. Perhaps stop taking the Ambien prior to going to sleep…

Totally expected to see Connor drink the UT Kool-aid and predict a UGA loss vs. UT.

That Ole Miss game worries me a little. Kinda like a trap game while the Dawgs look forward to UT. I often thought the Rebs would be dangerous if they ever got a defense. We’ll see how their new DC does.

Y’all are not losing in Athens to Ole f*cking Miss

Has Kirby ever lost to Lane?

Kirby hasn’t played against Lane as a head coach. UGA hasn’t played Ole Miss since 2016.

Sounds fun. The best offensive mind vs the best defensive mind in what amounts to be UGA’s biggest regular season game… Sign me up.

I fully expect UGA to have clinched the East well before the trip to Knoxville is made.

Well, that depends on the other teams as well. If Tennessee is undefeated in conference play then it’ll still be a ways to go.

I don’t expect Tennessee to be undefeated. I expect them to have at least two SEC losses and for UGA to be undefeated.

Hence, I expect UGA to have clinched the East by the time the trip to Knoxville is made.

I don’t know. A lot is being overstated about Bobo at OC as if he’s Coley or Shottenheimer. He may not make the best playcalling decisions, but I don’t see a team on this schedule where that SHOULD matter. Keyword is should.

Beck is an unknown at QB sure, but if his floor is Jacob Eason’s first year then Georgia will be fine. We’re acting as if Stetson wasn’t on the same team as D’Wan Mathis lol outside of Tenn I’m not seeing a need for Beck to anything but a game manager…which again if his Floor is Eason Georgia is likely 12-0

I’m old enough to remember when Bama was supposed to 3-peat because of similar points you make. No one could beat them said the prognosticators. History tells a different story when it comes to football. Unforeseen injuries, mistakes, bad coaching and teams that were not supposed win….winning.

I’ll be clear with my point. I am not arguing Georgia is going 12-0 guaranteed. I am arguing that if they don’t 3-peat, that it won’t be because of Mike Bobo NOT being Todd Monken and Beck not being Bennett.

It’s football. Sheet happens.

“It’s football. Sheet happens.”


I think my Tops have a tougher schedule this year.

That’s cute, how would they fare playing eight SEC teams? Asking for a friend

0-8. My original point stands.

OSU is the only ranked team WKU plays in 2023, the same OSU UGA beat in the CFP. The OSU-WKU game will be a blow-out, I bet the Buckeyes hang 60+ on WKU. The OSU-WKU game will be the equivalent of the UGA-Ball St game.

USCar, UK, UT, UF, Mizzou, AU, Ole Miss and Mizzou all beat WKU, handily. Vandy and GT most likely beat WKU.

For UGA 2023 probably is an easier than normal schedule; thank you SEC for canceling the UGA-Okalahoma game. For WKU it would be a murderers row schedule.

Lighten up, Francis. WKU is not in the same realm as SEC football. It doesn’t seem to matter lately who the opponent is for UGA although OSU scared the hell out of them. No denying the schedule is weak though and I wonder if that will ultimately hurt the Dawgs when they get to December and start facing teams that can punch back. I’m not sure they don’t get clipped in Knoxville.

One thing is certain. UGA will be getting each opponent’s best effort.

So, the Dawgs better pick and choose carefully which games they’ll let down in, because there will be some letdowns. There always are when dealing with 18-21 year-olds.


I think the better article is who is this year’s Missouri on UGA’s schedule? Which game(s) will UGA show up flat and struggle to win? When the Dawgs are motivated, they play not just their best, but on a level far above the rest where maybe 2-3 other programs in the country could stay on the field with them. This team has the same level of talent. We’ll see if they have the same leadership and drive.

A three peat would be unprecedented in modern college football. Obviously, very special. For me, personally, I’m just enjoying it while it lasts. No program stands at the peak forever. Whether they go 12-0 or 0-12, I’ll continue to be very proud of what this program accomplished over the last few years.

This is exactly why the whole schedule strength thing is a non starter. Of course it’s easy. Get over it. Cause Georgia will play 12 teams that want to upset them no matter what. Each team will take chances they wouldn’t normally take. Which makes the schedule harder than the naysayers predict. Georgia gotta be ready every week.

I fully expect UGA to three peat and that is unsettling.

Do you guys have a Alabama logo on everyone of your articles?

I appreciate Dan Jackson but would substitute the name Javon Bullard or Joenel Aguero to make those picks.

Kind of hard to not see 12-0 with this schedule. USC and UT are the only difficult games imo. UF a year or two away. UK could be interesting but it seems like they play UGA to make it close but not to win.

Remember when we used to tell the country about how grueling a SEC schedule was. They would claim the SEC is top heavy and the other teams are easy. Guess we agree with them now.

I think its more that UGA has separated, and you avoid having games vs LSU and Bama in your cross over. UF for example beat the Pac12 champion last year?!?

Kinda my point. If you don’t play Bama your schedule is weak.

And then PAC12 Oregon State beat Florida…

but O’Gara wanted everyone to know that was because Florida’s roster was depleted, made it seem less offensive, which Florida was in that game, if that was the reason why.

Interesting you say that about UK. I’ve asked similar questions before about Stoops and Kirby the last several years. Seems like Stoops is content to leave the field with dignity and Kirby is content to win unconvincingly…almost like they have a gentleman’s agreement before the games. For whatever it’s worth, I do think they respect each other.

Last 4 meetings (all UGA wins):16-630-1314-321-0

I happen to believe Auburn on the plains, Ole Miss and the Cocktail Party aren’t going to be cakewalks for the Ugly Dawgs, but who knows? Maybe, UGA will waltz through a 12-0 regular season, go 3-0 in the post-season, win every game by two TDs or more, then petition the NFL to join them for lack of competition at the college level.

Stranger things have happened.

Pride goeth before the fall

I’m still saying Joey Freshwater sneaks in before the UT and pulls the upset. Going unbeaten is a tough task. Nothing wrong with 11-1 and playing for the SEC title again.

Let’s be honest: If Tennessee can have 0 or 1 loss going into the Georgia game, we have a decent shot at winning especially since it’s in Neyland.

1. I googled UGa’s schedule and the first that popped up was their rugby schedule. What the hell, Google? 2. They don’t get the best teams in the West, but the schedule rotates for everyone. I still think it’s harder than most other conference schedules. 3. The have to play Tech. The other 3 OOC’s are cupcakes. That could be by design, or it could be a higher profile team had to pull out because of conference realignment. The Vols had to drop Oklahoma when they announced that they would join the SEC, so we had to schedule a lower level team that was available on short notice. 4. If UGa goes 13-0, they will deserve the CFP. If they lose the SECCG only, they may still get in. 5. I think my Vols have a chance, since we are home. To quote Jim Carrey’s character in Dumb and Dumber, “so, you’re saying there’s a chance.”

A stat that is hard to ignore: the only games Kirby has lost, going back to late 2018, were also accompanied by a turnover margin of -2 or worse. For the record, that’s: Texas, SC, LSU, Bama, UF, and Bama.

This included two eventual national champions ranked among the best squads ever. Even in 2019, with James Coley running a very forgettable offense with a thin, inexperienced WR room, it still took a large disparity in TOs to beat Kirby. Would a couple of those games still have resulted in Ls even without the TOs? Maybe, but the correlation is very hard to dismiss.

Given that four-plus years of history I’ve got to feel that, if Beck takes care of the ball, it’s going to be exceptionally hard to hang a loss on Kirby.

Mountain, interesting observation. I was curious and went back and checked the Missouri game last season. Georgia was -2, losing two fumbles. Georgia was flat but was still able to just out-talent Mizzou in the fourth quarter.

While it’s unlikely they come out flat against a team that is more competitive with them than Missouri, they could still lose one. Next to zero chance they come out flat at home against an SEC opponent or in Jacksonville. But at Auburn or at Tennessee? I’d say low chance at Auburn this year. But Tennessee is an interesting possibility, especially because that crowd can really elevate the Vols’ level of play.

Amazingly, only one of those 6 losses was in an opponent’s stadium (Bama 2020). Four were neutral site and one (SC) at home. The SC game was a very uncharacteristic giveaway fest for Fromm.

But what will it take for Georgia to go 10-2 (losses would be against Ole Miss and Tennessee) and fail to qualify for the SEC Championship Game and the CFP playoff in the process? After all, it happened to Clemson back in 2021.