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Hello Kitty Island Adventure

Dec 03, 2023


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Hello Kitty Island Adventure on Apple Arcade invites you to join a world of friendship and love, as you make a home with your favourite Sanrio pals, and set about restoring a gorgeous theme park together. As you journey in Island Adventure, you’ll unlock a range of quests, each determined by your friendship level. To progress through the game, you’ll need to keep your friendships strong, with daily gifts allowing you to tackle more dangerous tasks.

Every day, you can give your Sanrio friends three gifts each – but you shouldn’t just give them just anything in your inventory. Characters have a range of preferences, and each gift you give will have a unique heart rating (1-3) to determine how much friendship gain you’ll get.

With only three gifts per day allowed, and many quests hiding behind high friendship levels, you’ll want to ensure you’re giving the best gifts wherever possible. These will allow you to progress through the game’s main story mode more effectively, and will also quickly unlock special items along the way.

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Every character’s favourite can be determined using a simple formula. Each has three preferred gift categories, and the best gifts for each character will combine items in all of those categories. When crafting or baking, consider each item category, and combine ingredients for the best gift possible.

That said, you’ll have to persist with giving one-heart gifts for certain characters for a while, before you can gain access to the right crafting and cooking stations needed to really impress them. Giving a one-heart gift is better than not giving a gift at all! Some three-star gifts are also hiding in the late game, so stay patient.

Here is a guide to building your friendships with each character, and what items types they prefer.

Note: This list will be updated and expanded as we come across more gift options.

Likes: Fruit, baked goods, and fancy things

Hello Kitty has a range of tastes that make her fairly easy to ply with gifts. Baked goods are the easiest and most effective gifts to give her, as you can gain Flour from gifting items to My Melody (and there’s additional Flour on the shelf in Hello Kitty’s cafe).

Mama’s Apple Pie (♥♥) and Strawberry Shortcake (♥♥) are your best bet for building easy friendship points, with both Flour and Apples easy to grab around Friendship Island. You can get Strawberries frequently from My Melody as a gift reward, too.

Likes: Mechanical items, books, and chocolate

Chococat is also easy to make friends with, as he likes a range of easily-crafted items like Blank Books and Mechanisms, which can be created from Paper (given by Badtz-Maru). Ancient Inventions (♥♥) is one of the most effective gifts for Chococat, as this can be easily crafted from a Blank Book and a Mechanism. You won’t be able to craft his ultimate gift, Interactive History of Chocolate, until after you’ve completing the main questline.

Likes: Music, mountain-related things, and crystal gifts

Pekkle is particularly choosy, and you may struggle to find the right gifts to build your friendship. Some can be crafted with the right blueprints, but if you’re looking for the simplest route to friendship, you should spend your time gathering Calming Crystal in the mountains, or catching Mountain Bugs in the same region. Any Music Box will also do the trick.

Likes: Underwater items, fish, and fabric

Hangyodon also has peculiar tastes, and it may take some time before you discover the best ways to build your friendship (he’s also one of the characters you’ll unlock at a later stage). With his preference being for fish and other underwater items, you’ll want to spend your time swimming around, fishing, and gathering anything you can see in the ocean.

Starfish are quick and effective gifts, as are any fish you collect while fishing. The easiest and most effective fish to give him is the Masked Wrassler (♥♥) which can be found around the Cozy Islands, or the Midnight Pike (♥♥) which can be found in the Spooky Swamp.

Likes: Frozen desserts, crystal gifts, and milk

Pompompurin is another character you’ll discover later in the game, as he’s hiding within the Oasis. You can easily ply him with Calming Crystal and any kind of Milk, but he’ll love you if you cook Pudding (♥♥) by combining Coral Milk with Cactus Cream in the Dessert Boat’s ice cream maker.

As with everyone else, his favourite recipes combine elements of at least two of his favourite likes – so anything with a combination of Cactus Cream and Milk or crystal gifts will delight him.

Likes: Bugs, swampy gifts, wood

Keroppi is the least fussy citizen of Friendship Island, with an array of easy-to-find gifts perfect for this loveable frog. Your best option for building friendship is to wander around the Spooky Swamp, catch a few roaming Bugs and Frogs (♥♥) and send them Keroppi’s way.

Likes: Hot things, music, and ingots

Retsuko also has easy wants, with many her favourites easily found in Mount Hothead. You can gift her Ingots smelted from ore, or you can gather up Magma Blooms, which are littered throughout the mountains. In a pinch, a Toasted Almond or Toasty Pizza will also get the job done.

You won’t be able to get the recipe for her favourite gift, Volcanic Guitar, until after you’ve completed the main questline. You can fish one out of lava, though. Try it!

Likes: Coffee, chocolate, and spice

Cinnamoroll is the most frustrating member of Friendship Island because he flits from place to place, constantly moving around. He also has very niche likes, many of which are unlocked in later parts of the game. In Hangyodon’s comedy club under the sea, you will find an espresso machine, and it’s here that you can make chocolate or coffee drinks (♥♥) for Cinnamoroll. Until you unlock the machine, you’ll have to settle for smaller friendship gains with chocolate baked goods, like Chocolate Pineapple Pudding. You can also easily gift Chocolate Coin, which can be found in the coral reef.

Likes: Sweet things, Pink things, dreamy things

My Melody has a range of sweets she likes, but some are far easier to obtain than others. If you’re looking for the easiest path to her friendship, you can gather Swampmallow from the Spooky Swamp, or gift her Candy Cloud or Strawberry, which can be obtained from befriending other characters on Friendship Island.

Likes: Sports items, healthy items, and plant-based items

Pochacco is easy to befriend, and has a range of likes largely focussed on health-related items. The easiest gift to give him is Tofu, as you can easily get supplies from befriending Hello Kitty. Gifting Spinip from the Spooky Swamp is also a great option, but it’s probably worth hoarding it until you can use it to make the Everything Pizza once you upgrade the Pizza Oven.

Likes: Soda, autumn/fall things, and spooky things

Kuromi, while prickly at first, is very easy to befriend thanks to her love of all things spooky. Within Spooky Swamp, you’ll find a range of items she likes, but your best bet to increase your friendship score is crafting Jack-O-Lantern (♥) from collected Pumpkins found in the Spooky Swamp graveyard. You can also gift her Pumpkin Pie and Soda if you’re lacking Pumpkins.

Likes: Fabric, tropical things, fancy things

Tuxedosam is another easy-going island pal. You can get away with gifting him a range of items, including Tropical Bugs and Coconut, which is found in the Seaside Resort. For the best results, you should consider crafting Tropical Gift (♥♥) which is made using a Sand Dollar (found on beaches) and Gift Box (made from Starfish and Box Clam).

Likes: Prank items, tropical things, pizza

Badtz-Maru is fairly picky, but there are a number of easy-to-craft items you can use to build friendship with him. The easiest to obtain is a Water Balloon, which can be crafted from Rubber found around the Seaside Resort. Any Pizza is also a great gift (especially Pineapple Pizza [♥♥]), as is any Tropical Bug.

Likes: Computer-related items, Star things, Fancy things

You’ll be able to start a friendship TOPHAT, the game’s AI host once you’ve completed the game’s primary Island Mystery quests. He’ll be down by the beach with his best friend Big Challenges. An easy and effective gift for him is the Computer (♥♥), which you can craft at Chococat’s table, though you’ll need to collect glitches from TOPHAT to actually craft them.

As of Update 1.1, TOPHAT now likes Star things – he previously only had two interests. He also has a three-heart gift, a book called The Future of Everything (♥♥♥)

Likes: Volcanic items, Reflective things, books

TOPHAT’s best friend Big Challenges will be able to be friended once you’ve completed the game’s primary Island Mystery quests. He’s easily placated with any bug or fish you catch on Mount Hothead. But once you start getting “Little Challenge” rewards from him, your best bet is to craft Meditations on Resilience (♥♥) with them.

Likes: Star things, Dreamy things, Icy things

As of Hello Kitty Island Adventure’s 1.1 update, you can now befriend the Little Twin Stars. Kiki likes icy things, so the new Snowcicle (♥) can be easily found on Icy Peak for a quick start to the friendship, but once you find the Starry Skies Shake (♥♥♥) recipe not long after you’re better off saving them as ingredients.

Likes: Ideas, Dreamy things, Cheese

As of Hello Kitty Island Adventure’s 1.1 update, you can now befriend the Little Twin Stars. Lala likes Moon Cheese (♥), which is one of the new items found on Cloud Island, but turn that into a Three Cheese Pizza (♥) and you’ll get an easy two hearts.

Hello Kitty Island Adventure is out now for iOS devices via Apple Arcade, an AUD $7.99/month subscription service offering a range of great mobile games for download and play.

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