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How to Complete Mission: Invoke in Destiny 2

Jul 30, 2023

Eris sure loves blood

Savathun’s left us a series of cryptic notes, which we’ll need to follow in order to stand a chance against her blood-hungry sister, Xivu Arath. To that end, here’s how to complete Mission: Invoke in Destiny 2.

Crazy how Savathun is dead, and yet she’s still, somehow, pulling the strings. But we’re not really in a place to negotiate. So, let’s dive into how to complete this mission. To start, head into the H.E.L.M. and select the blue circular node to the bottom right of the H.E.L.M. screen. This will launch you into the mission.

The Altars of Summoning are beneath Savathun’s Throne, and that’s where we’ll need to go to find Eris in her ritual chamber.

Walk forward two feet, and you’ll find that there’s a Hive Ritual Circle in front of you. Interact with it to being the Ritual of Induction. This will open the door very slowly.

There’s nothing in the next room but a green wind elevator, so step inside it to go to the next floor.

You’ll find yourself in an open area with a Hive Rune. Approach it, and you’ll see there’s another Hive Ritual circle beneath it. Interact with the circle to start the Ritual of Induction.

After waving your wand a bit, turn left, and you’ll see a chasm. Follow the trail just to the left to it to cross it.

You’ll arrive at the Altar of Devotion, and Eris Morn will appear. Speak with her, and you’ll start a miniboss encounter.

Here’s how it works.

There’s a large Knight boss at the center, called Alak’nar, and two altars. You can take down a third of his health, but then he’ll gain an impenetrable shield. To break his shield, you’ll need to give Tithes to two altars in the arena.

Altar 1 is to your left, and Altar 2 is to the far back right. Altar 1 will be active first and will be wreathed in a red flame. To get Tithes, you’ll need to kill Tithe Bearer Wizards. These Wizards are generally located in the three areas that the Altar isn’t. Though they do move around.

So, since Altar 1 is on the Left, or West, a Tithe Bearer Wizard will be in the North, East, and South. Once you kill a Tithe Bearer Wizard, it will drop a white diamond. Walk over it to pick up the Tithe, then take it to the altar that’s on fire.

Once you’ve brought three Tithes to the Altar, the Knight Boss will lose its shield. You’ll then be able to do another third damage to his health bar before he regains it.

When that shield goes up, Altar 2 will start burning. Reminder, it’s in the far back right. You’ll have to repeat the same process of finding the Tithe Bearer Wizard (which will be in the East, West, and South of the arena) and bringing the Tithe back to the Altar.

Once all three are dunked, the boss will lose its shields permanently, giving you a chance to finish it.

Jump back over the crevice and head straight. You’ll arrive at the Altar of Ferocity, and Eris Morn will appear in front of you once more. Speak to her, and you’ll start the next encounter.

This will initially seem more complicated than it is.

Once you speak to Eris Morn, you’ll see three large Vex Minotaur in the center of the arena. Start shooting the one that moves first, and you’ll get your first objective.

Somewhere in the arena, a red Vex cube will spawn. So will an entire horde of Harpies. Our real goal, though, is the two Goblins that will spawn, one after the other. These Goblins are the ones that are marked for sacrifice, and they’re the ones you should prioritize.

Once they begin kneeling at the Vex cube, they’re in the process of being sacrificed. Kill them before they vanish.

When the two goblins at the first Vex cube are killed, a new Vex cube will appear. Repeat the process. Once all the Goblins are dead, you can then focus on killing the three Minotaur

I guess Vex juice counts as blood. Return to the circle in the center, but this time we’ll be taking the stone path up towards Savathun’s Spire.

This is the Altar of Flesh, and I bet you can guess what’s going to happen next. Speak to Eris and start the next encounter.

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This encounter is the easiest. Take a look at the arena. There are six unlit Arc Crystals along the outer perimeter and a lit one in the center, which will appear when the encounter starts.

You’ll need to melee the Arc Crystal in the center, then round around and punch each unlit Arc Crystal. You have 15 seconds to reach each one. But each time you punch one, that timer resets.

Once you’ve hit all 15, approach the Hive Ritual circle in the middle to Invoke Hive Magic. This will allow you to penetrate the Boss’s shields.

But note, it’s a good idea to kill the Lucent Hive Knight in the center first. This is where most of the aggro from this fight will come from, so it’s better to have him gone. Likewise, a second Lucent Hive Knight will appear once you’ve Invoked Hive Magic.

But beyond killing both the Lucent Knight and Ei Haaruz, there’s nothing special you’ll need to do. And once everyone’s dead, the mission ends.

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Nice! But for it to really count as “complete,” you’ll need to return to the H.E.L.M. and interact with the holoprojector.

It’s in the room to the very back of the H.E.L.M., right before you enter the green portal to Eris. Enjoy the ominous message.

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