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10 best light up toys to get for your next festival

Jun 27, 2023

by: Chris Thomas, BestReviews Staff

Posted: Jul 23, 2023 / 06:39 AM MDT

Updated: Jul 23, 2023 / 06:42 AM MDT

Whether you like jam bands, house music, drum’n’bass or all of the above, there’s nothing like dancing all night to your favorite music. When nighttime comes around, take advantage of bright LED technology, or Kevlar wicks and fire, to create enthralling shows. No matter which discipline you prefer, make sure you always have enough space to use your toys safely, without hitting or burning anyone.

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Among the most popular toys on the scene, poi are basically balls on a string. As festival culture has exploded over the last two decades, manufacturers have made LED poi more durable and better looking.

Flowtoys Podpoi v2

With 64 selectable modes, you can choose the perfect colors and transitions to complement whoever’s on stage at the moment. They recharge via USB and are soft enough to prevent injury if you bonk yourself in the head. Flowtoys stand behind them with an impressive lifetime warranty.

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Speevers Stardass

Having been around for over a decade, the Stardass are still some of the most advanced poi available. They change color based on a pressure-sensitive switch between the string and the body. The spins and dance moves you use dictate what color they are and how fast they transition. Their fiber optic tails require extra caution to keep safe, but there are few poi on the market as stunning as these.

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FlashingBlinkyLights Poi Balls

Beginners who don’t want to make a huge investment should consider this straightforward pair. They offer 6 colors to choose from and are relatively soft so they won’t hurt.

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Flowtoys Crystal Poi Lite v2

These come with rechargeable AAA batteries and a charger. Take special care when reinserting the battery cover to avoid breaking it. The leashes use flat and smooth polyester, minimizing friction and helping you spin them as fast as you can.

Sold by Amazon

UltraPoi Helix

The whole package consists of light-up cores, silicone cases and premium leashes with spherical handles on the end. This makes for a different trick style than loops. It offers a number of exciting modes including rainbow fades and strobe settings. It lasts for about 12 hours before you need to replace or recharge the batteries.

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The Hoop Shop Color Changing Hula Hoop

This LED hoop is 36 inches in diameter, has a total of 36 LEDs and is collapsible for easy transport. Don’t store it collapsed for the long term.

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Flowtoys LED Flower Sticks

These are a premium light-up version of the classic devil sticks. Learn on a non-LED model like the Jolly Lama! Funtastix before moving on to this high-end option. Once you’re ready, the Flower Sticks are an eye-catching set of equipment.

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RexRod LED Gloves

These gloves are among the most tried-and-true ways to create a personal light show. They should last all night if you start out with a full battery. They come with 4 CR2016 cells.

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GloFX Hypno Levitation Wand

Levitation wands consist of a roughly 2ft LED wand controlled by two thin, barely visible cords. You hold them with either hand, making it look like the wand is floating.

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There’s nothing like spinning fire, but it’s dangerous. It’s also disallowed at a good number of festivals due to general fire restrictions. If you’re in the Midwest or deep in the desert, though, you’re likely to see a troupe of fire spinners at your next jam band outing. You need a good deal of practice before actually lighting up, and it’s imperative to have spotters ready with wet towels and a fire extinguisher. All the pros operate with these safety considerations, and so should you. Depending on your style and choice of toys, a pair of Kevlar sleeves can be a good consideration.

Fire Mecca Spinning Staff

This one-piece design is for spinning around in circles and, if you’re good enough, tossing into the air. The thick Kevlar wicks ensure large flames and there’s high-performance grip tape in the middle to help you keep traction.

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