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Remnant 2 best weapons and guns tier list

Jul 19, 2023

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With so many to choose from, it can be a struggle knowing what the Remnant 2 best weapons are. As you progress through each biome, you’ll come across some unique weapons, each with its own mods and effects. Depending on how you play, some might be incredible while some may fall flat, but there are definitely some that are top of the pile no matter what your playstyle is.

If you’re looking to upgrade your weapons but don’t have the scrap, check out our how to get scrap fast in Remnant 2 guide. And if you’re wanting to try out some new classes, find out how to unlock the Engineer archetype in Remnant 2, as well. But now, let’s take a look at the Remnant 2 best weapons to see what you should be arming yourself with on your trip through the World Crystal.

There are plenty of weapons in Remnant 2 to choose from, and knowing which ones to use is tough. Our tier list takes into account some of the many unique weapons in the game, to let you know some of the best ones to use, as well as some that you might want to avoid. Even though some of these weapons are in the B or C tier, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use them, just that they’re more situational.

Here is our Remnant 2 weapons tier list:

The best Long Guns in Remnant 2 are:

On its own, Nightfall is a solid weapon, but its weapon mod, Dreadwalker, is arguably the strongest in the game. For 10 seconds, it becomes fully automatic, with infinite ammo, a 35% faster fire rate, 10% lifesteal, and it makes you harder to hit. This can shred bosses, especially if you can consistently hit their weak spots, and is a must-have for any player.

Alpha-Omega is great at dealing with groups of enemies. It’s a railgun which must be charged up to fire. For every successive enemy hit, the charge time is reduced, and damage is increased by 10%, stacking up to 5x. It’s also decent against bosses, as its weapon mod, Beta Ray, inflicts a Brand on enemies, which can explode to deal heavy damage. A hugely versatile weapon.

These two weapons have two things in common – a large magazine, and synergy with the Hot Shot weapon mod. Available at the start of the game, activating Hot Shot with one of these weapons allows you to quickly fire dozens of flaming rounds into an enemy. Coupled with some damage boosting relics or rings, these weapons can tear through almost anything, but be careful of enemies with fire resistance.

The best Handguns in Remnant 2 are:

The Sorrow Handgun is an incredibly useful weapon thanks to its weapon mod, Eulogy. The bolts the gun fires become lodged in enemies, and when Eulogy is used, these bolts are returned to you, damaging the enemy further, while restoring your ammo and health. This is an excellent weapon if you’re wanting to save your ammo reserves through a tough biome.

This one’s great for the same reason as the Chicago Typewriter and XMG57 Bonesaw. A fast fire rate and big magazine coupled with the Hot Shot mod can shred enemies. Unlike them though, it’s a Handgun, freeing up space for a different Long Gun like the Nightfall, making it an even better choice.

The Cube Gun has a five-round clip, but each shot returns to you either after hitting an enemy or surface, or when you reload. This means on large enemies, where you hit every shot, you can fire it continuously, though it can overheat. Its weapon mod also places a shield which absorbs damage, and can be fired forwards, unleashing the damage it blocks.

Enigma fires an electrical current that can jump between targets. Enigma’s weapon mod, Chaos Driver, fires electrified rods into enemies or surfaces. Multiple rods will chain electricity between them, letting you create an area of electricity that deals shock damage to any enemies within it. This is a great weapon for crowd control, taking out big groups of enemies simultaneously.

The best melee weapons in Remnant 2 are:

The Spectral Blade is potentially the best melee weapon in the game thanks to its weapon mod, Whirlwind. This lets you charge up an attack which unleashes a series of slashes which damage enemies within 8m. This lets you cover huge distances while also hitting multiple enemies at once and is a great choice for your melee slot.

The Labyrinth Staff has no weapon mod, but its default perk makes up for that. Its basic attacks generate 10% more mod power, while its charge attacks generate 50% more. Its charge attacks also perform an AoE strike which hits all enemies within 2m. This one is great, not for its damage, but for how quickly you can build up mod power, especially if you use rings that boost that even further.

Dreamcatcher is another melee weapon with an excellent weapon mod. With the Dreamwave mod, when you use a charge attack, a Dreamwave will be released, affecting enemies within 20m. This applies slow for 10 seconds and grants you a stack of Reverie, which gives +2% boosts to damage and movement speed for 15 seconds. If used right, the Dreamcatcher can net you some incredible stat buffs against groups of enemies.

Every weapon in the game has its uses, and used correctly, some guns that would otherwise be seen as bad can be on par with some of the best in the game. However, there are some weapons that are simply head and shoulders above the rest, and those are the ones we want to talk about. That doesn’t mean you should always use these over any others, though, so take it with a pinch of salt.

That’s everything you need to know about the Remnant 2 best weapons. Naturally, use what weapons you like best, but be sure to try some of these ones out. If you’re looking for the Remnant 2 best class, we’ve got a guide for that. And if you’re starting a new playthrough and want to get to level 10 quickly, our how to level up fast in Remnant 2 guide should help you out.

The best weapon mods in Remnant 2 are Dreadwalker on Nightfall, and Hot Shot on weapons like the Chicago Typewriter and MP60-R.

The best mutators in Remnant 2 are Battery, Slayer, and Momentum.

Remnant 2 best weapons The best Long Guns in Remnant 2 are:NightfallAlpha-OmegaChicago Typewriter / MP60-R / XMG57 BonesawThe best Handguns in Remnant 2 are:Sorrow HandgunMP60-RCube GunEnigmaThe best melee weapons in Remnant 2 are:Spectral BladeLabyrinth StaffDreamcatcherThe best weapon mods in Remnant 2 are Dreadwalker on Nightfall, and Hot Shot on weapons like the Chicago Typewriter and MP60-R.The best mutators in Remnant 2 are Battery, Slayer, and Momentum.