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The best Remnant 2 weapons

Jul 17, 2023

The best Remnant 2 weapons require you to overcome tough challenges and powerful bosses in order to acquire them, but their unique mods are worth the effort.

Nat Smith

Published: Jul 28, 2023

What are the best Remnant 2 weapons? The realms of the World Stone are perilous, filled with all manner of foul aberrations. Without a solid arsenal of weapons at your disposal, you won’t last long in your quest to destroy the world-corrupting Root.

Each Remnant 2 class comes equipped with its own basic loadout, and while you can purchase alternative guns and melee weapons from Brabus the Arms Dealer in Ward 13, these rudimentary weapons are by far and away the least interesting in Remnant 2. Thankfully, we’ve drawn up a list of all the best Remnant 2 weapons and their unique mods, along with where to find them and their material cost, so you can kit yourself out with the coolest loadout in record time. Let’s go.

Many of the best Remnant 2 weapons are crafted from unique materials dropped by Remnant 2 bosses, though they do also require a flat rate cost of Lumenite Crystals and Scrap to purchase them from Ava McCabe.

Alternatively, weapons can be acquired by interacting with certain NPCs and completing quests, so you may opt to seek those out if you’re running low on materials – just bear in mind that you’re beholden to the action-adventure game’s RNG. If you’ve got your heart set on any of the best weapons on our list, performing a campaign reroll is sure to stand you in good stead.

This weapon combines the awesome power and simplicity of the Labyrinth’s last bastion: its final, deadliest, cuboidal defense. Projectiles return on hit or after reaching max range. Reloading retrieves shot projectiles. Max five fired projectiles. Infinite ammo. Can overheat.

There’s an ethereal lightness to this weapon, as though it were made of paper or breath.

A device forged of pure evil. Fires hardened bone shards at a brisk rate dealing bonus stagger. Semi-automatic with a medium kick.

A magical stave rumored to contain a healing spirit within. When glowing, Charge to cast.

Fires a stream of superhot Acid gas which applies a Corroded effect, dealing 300 Corrosive Damage over 15 seconds. Killing targets Corroded by Nebula spawns a gas cloud which applies its on-hit effect. Gas clouds last two seconds and can be refreshed.

Remnant 2 weapons are split into three separate types: Long Guns, Handguns, and Melee weapons. If you’re an avid collector that loves to experiment with loadouts and character builds, we’ve collated every weapon from each category, so you can catalogue them as you go.

Long Guns are the foundation of your loadout, offering devastating firepower from close-range shotguns to long-range hunting bows and sniper rifles. Even if you’re a melee-focused class, your choice of Long Gun will have a profound effect on your approach to combat, and are effectively your primary weapon.

Here are all the Remnant 2 Long Guns:

Handguns are typically less powerful than Long Guns, but what they lack in raw damage they make up for with versatility. They serve to complement your primary weapon, and are indispensable during close encounters when you’re in dire need of a reload.

Here are all the Remnant 2 Handguns:

Melee weapons are the absolute bread and butter of the Challenger class, but that doesn’t mean they’re not of vital importance to other archetypes as well. These immediate close-range weapons can tear through the Root in record time, and often come with unique abilities, such as applying status effects to enemies or inflicting AoE attacks.

Here are all the Remnant 2 Melee weapons:

If you’re struggling to defeat the necessary bosses and acquire the best Remnant 2 weapons of the bunch, it might be worth changing your Remnant 2 difficulty level – though it does come with certain caveats. Alternatively, our primer to Remnant 2 co-op is sure to come in handy if you’re planning to dip into the ARPG with a friend in tow. Finally, check out our Remnant 2 review for a taste of our own experience battling through the campaign.

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